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Houston summer party | Plan the perfect party for your child with the help of Magic Boundland Party Rentals.

As a parent, you want your child's parties to be perfect and you want them to be memories your child will cherish forever. Therefore no detail is too small when planning a fun Houston summer party for your kid. From the food and the decorations to the entertainment and guest list, all aspects of a Houston summer party have to be planned perfectly to ensure everyone has a blast! To ensure a completely successful gathering, even the minute details such as making sure your festivity has enough tables and chairs need to be covered. For your table and chair rental needs, feel free to contact Magic Bounceland Party Rentals.

At Magic Bounceland, we own a vast quantity of standard 6 foot long rectangular tables that would be perfect for holding everything you need for your Houston summer party. With a 30 inch width, our tables will be sure to hold all your food and drinks along with anything else you need to present to your child's guests. Currently for the special price of $10.00, you can rent our amazing tables for the entire day, freeing you from any worries about returning the items by a deadline. As a celebration rental company, we want to relieve as much of your stress as possible which is why we made our rental process extremely 

Chairs are equally as important to any festivity. Where else will your guests sit? Magic Bounceland maintains a large inventory of regular beige folding chairs perfect for any bash. For $1.50 per chair, you can rent as many chairs as you require for the entire day.  These well-constructed, robust seats will ensure all your guests have a place to rest if they get tired during the gathering. When the food is served, your guests will be thankful to have comfortable perch when they see a large group of our rental folding chairs awaiting them. Help your family and friends socialize by providing them the chance to rest and chat by setting up a circle of our chairs around any table. No Houston summer party would be complete without our rental folding chairs.

Magic Bounceland Party Rentals is a Houston-based family owned rental business. We are focused on relieving party planners by providing a simple and easy worry-free rental process for nearly everything an amazing Houston summer party would require. Although our main products are fun inflatable rides such as bounce houses and inflatable slides, we also rent other essential Houston summer party items such as tables, chairs, concession machines and more. Let us organize your private parties and we promise to exceed your expectations. Contact us now for more information!